Store owners ‘breathe new life’ into vintage items

MMAC Monthly

flippinflea1 Ann Marie Cannon & Robert Nix

By Jennifer Pund
Repurpose, up-cycle and giving old items a new life, is the basic theme of The Flipping Flea, a new store in Georgetown inspired by the television show, Flea Market Flip. Ann Marie Cannon and Robert Nix stock the store with sustainable and vintage items as well as up-cycled, repurposed creations by the owners and local artists. The couple has a “sincere desire” to bring out the beauty of found objects and sells an eclectic mix of “re-imagined” antiques, refurbished items and the raw materials to “create your own inspired piece.

Cannon and Nix knew they wanted to open a retail shop, had the space and were inspired by a popular HGTV show. “We live upstairs and this was an office down here. It was the library and they were moving out, so we were watching this show and kind…

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